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"SPICE" (Senior People Investing Career Expertise) was formed in 1985 to foster volunteerism among former Twin Cities based employees of Cargill, Inc. The name was changed to "Cargill Cares Retirees-TC" in the mid 1990's to better match the Cargill branding. The organization changed it's name to Cargill Cares Alumni in 2015 to reflect broader inclusiveness to anyone who has worked for Cargill or its subsidiaries.

Our mission is to lead Cargill alumni in the Twin Cities Chapter to nourish our community by volunteering primarily in the areas of Nutrition, Food Security, and the Environment; and to provide social and educational activities to enhance alumni’s active lifestyles.

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See our "Calendar Of Events" for information on upcoming volunteer, social, and seminar activities.

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CCA Contacts

Mail: Cargill Cares Alumni
Mail Stop 50
15407 McGinty Road West
Wayzata, MN 55391

Telephone: 952-742-6188


Other Useful Contacts

 Cargill HR Direct   1-877-366-9696   (Toll-Free)























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